Towards Better Communication

We received a phone call from John Mathew on 17th January in response to our recent follow up letter.  It was a pleasant surprise that the manager of Corporate Strategy & Development at Al Hamra Estates took the trouble to telephone, even though it was mainly to offer reassurance and solace, rather than agreeing to change the terms of the payment schedule for the Royal Breeze.

During the conversation John Mathew stated that he

    • acknowledged the importance of good customer service, and said he was glad that we were raising our concerns with Al Hamra Estates.
    • was going to raise our request for the revised payment schedule with management.  He also stressed that he felt it was unlikely there would be any change.
    • will be looking to install two cameras on the site to allow us get some idea of construction progress.
    • stated that there was a late delivery clause in place with the companies doing the construction, and that this was going to be rigorously enforced to keep construction on track.
    • was looking to send out a construction progress update to all Royal Breeze investors in the near future.

Whilst the phone call appears to more of a damage limitation exercise, nevertheless it is encouraging to see that Al Hamra Estates is making some effort to offer us better service.

Let us continue with our efforts to secure better communication and excellent customer service from Al Hamra Estates.  As more investors join the group it will become more difficult for Al Hamra Estates to ignore our concerns…..


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