Recent Comments from Marina Residents

Some comments posted on EyeOnWorldwide forum:

Just spent my first weekend in my new apartment …… the place is fantastic, walking out of the apartment going down to the marina jumping onto a jet ski and going for a blast was excellent.

Had a wee chat with the marina manager and he seems like a nice bloke, had a walk around the marina club and met the manager there or “captain” as he likes to be called he assured me that the place would be open this weekend so I guess I will have to go there for a bit of a bevvy.

All in all it’s been well worth the wait. Mr B

I hope that AHV will purchase beach access to accommodate their RB clients. I also think that it would be unfair for the Al Hamra Fort Hotel clients to undergo overcrowding on the beach due to hoards RB residents flocking over and occupying all the sun loungers etc. as there is just enough comfortable room for the hotel residents when the hotel’s full!

Agreed that the AHV is an amazing location and with amazing potential and I would like to be a proud member of the RB development hence, my passionate reasoning on the subject. Royal Breeze

My personal view is that the beach issue will be resolved, otherwise it’s going to be very busy on the marina beach. I do however sympathize with the concerns raised by RB owners and if I were one would perhaps join in on the campaign. What I have learned however western ways and thinking which i presume most of us are are not the way things are done in the UAE. AL Hamra has had difficulties with power etc and now these have been overcome and progress can be seen. I do not believe they want a shoddy development so it’s now time for a bit of faith, but some times its difficult to restrain! James L

We had a sneak preview of what the Marina is going to look like when completely finished and all I can say is WOW!! Apparently there is will be 13 shops going from the Marina club, a lovely walkway for nice evening strolls, a sandy beach (to the side of building A) and proposals (please note “proposals” at this stage) for a gym behind building A and B, a mini mall, and tennis courts.

Al Hamra Marina will end up knocking the socks off of the Dubai Marina which is already too overcrowded with all the towers there – we just need to have a little more patience and faith in Al Hamra that they will come up with the goods, because they will.

The new GM is a like a breath of fresh air, he has so many plans for making our development enjoyable for everyone , and I truly believe he will stand by his word.

The RB is still in its early stages, even the Marina at the beginning of the year still looked like a building site yet you should see it now, the plants are growing, the clubhouse, pool etc are finished and it is really beginning to look fantastic as I’m sure the RB will be as well. Angelface

Al Hamra has been hit by delays for different reasons, including the FEWA power issues which struck AH severely AH customer service is definitely not up to western standards. But they pulled it through. And with the new management things have improved significantly.

Remember, the development is still in full swing, and people are moving in every single day. And they actually seem very pleased!

Trust me, I live here right now. Abrahams


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  1. alhamradreams said,

    25 June 2009 at 11:20 pm

    The following communication from Al Hamra was posted on the eyeonworldwide site by eviegrace:

    “Please note that the red rectangle on the main branch of Dana Island is now going to be the beach for the royal breeze residents. We also have some info that our management is trying to rent one of the plots fronting the royal breeze and the beach is going to be there as well, but this is also an uncertain info.

    Soon everything is going to be clear and we shall provide your side with the final status (could be both options or one of them). We thank you very much one again for your patience. “

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