Royal Breeze Handover Fiasco

At long last investors in Royal Breeze buildings 1 and 3 have received letters from Al Hamra Real Estate Development, confirming handover dates ranging from October to November. It seems that a management fee of about 10AED per sq ft is being applied (it is not clear if the car parking space is used in calculating the charge), and there is a one off water and electricity connection charge of 1200AED per KWA as well as a one off water meter refundable deposit of 1000AED. In addition, some owners are being asked to pay a penalty charge as well.

Owners are advised to carefully read their contracts to check if Al Hmara Real Estates is delivering the ‘product’ to specification, as in our view the buildings and infrastructure are far from complete, and the handover process is a fiasco designed by Al Hamra Estates to protect themselves from legal action by unsatisfied owners. Why else would Al Hamra Real Estates rush to handover units that are incomplete, with roads and communal facilities such as a beach area and gym either non-existent or not ready?

In keeping with their track record of abysmal customer service and lack of communication with investors, Al Hamra Real Estates has provided no information on the burning issue of the promised beach for owners, no information on what white goods (or other furniture) will be supplied, no information on the readiness of the infrastructure (such as roads, pools and gym), no photos have been provided, and no help for the purchase of furniture and equipment. It would seem that the main aim seems is to rush (maybe even bully) owners into accepting units that are far from ready with a lack of infrastructure and facilities.

We earnestly hope to be proven wrong in our assessment of the handover fiasco; let’s wait to hear from owners who are about take possession of their units. In the meanwhile we can only ask Al Hamra Real Estates not treat their customers as pieces on a chessboard, be honest and transparent with us and give us excellent customer service and support in this exciting time of taking possession of our units.



  1. matwade76 said,

    26 September 2011 at 9:21 am

    Interesting. We just received our RB5 letter too. Please update us on this as and when you hear any further feedback…!

  2. warren72 said,

    6 October 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Our appointment for the handover(viewing and snag list) is on the 8th Oct 2011. I will post comments in the following week with pictures.


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