Article (7) of Sale & Purchase Agreement

Vendor’s Obligations, Warranties, Rights

7.1    The Vendor undertakes that the construction of the Apartment shall be in compliance with the drawings and specifications shown on schedules (A) and (B), building codes, rules, regulations and laws in force in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and UAE. Moreover, subject to the Vendor’s right provided for in Art.(13) herein below, all materials and equipment shall be new and in conformity with the specifications mentioned in Schedule(B) annexed hereto.

7.2    Unless the Parties agreed otherwise, the Vendor undertakes to hand over the possession of the Apartment to the Purchaser within a period of 36 months as from the date of signing this Agreement (Date of Completion).

7.3    The Vendor shall remain strictly liable for a period of one (1) year from the Completion Date to repair or replace any defective material, fittings and fixtures which shall include mechanical, plumbing, air conditioning or electrical works.

7.4    The Vendor hereby assigns to the Purchaser all benefits the Vendor holds, or may in the future hold, in and to any warranties that attach to the Apartment or any of the equipment, fittings or fixtures that are incorporated thereinto.

7.5     The Vendor shall deliver the Apartment to the Purchaser clean and ready for occupancy.

7.6     The Vendor shall construct the infrastructure of the Village including roads, lighting, walkways and landscaping, substantively, in accordance with the Vendor’s overall development plan for infrastructure of the Village.

7.7    The Vendor represents that he obtained and currently holds all permits, licenses, approvals and authorizations which are required under the applicable laws, rules and regulations, in order to own, dispose of the Apartment in any way whatsoever, and no such permit, license, approval or authorization restricts the Vendor from selling or otherwise transferring to Purchaser the Vendor’s interest in the Apartment.


1 Comment

  1. Mohamed said,

    23 October 2011 at 6:31 pm

    we need to sue alhamra village. they could not deliver within 36 months.. and they started constructing late 2009 when prices gone down.. so either they give discounts or upgrade our apartments

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