RB Owners Step up Campaign

Reports suggest that the approach taken by Al Hamra Estates in dealing with concerns raised by investors amounts to ignoring them or at the best giving half-truths. In the absence of clear answers and any official confirmations regarding promised facilities, a growing body of investors appear to be uniting under 1alhamravillage@gmail.com, with a view to taking up their concerns to the highest authorities in RAK

RB Beach Joke by Ranjan
One of the options being looked at by the Group is that of invoking Federal law no 5 of 1985 relating to civil transactions (‘civil code’); here is an extract

This law contains more broadly applicable remedies for deception or cheating which specifically enable a duped customer to refuse to proceed with the contract for the goods or services advertised. Main articles:

●   Article 185 – Misrepresentation is when one of the two contracting parties deceives the other by means of trickery of word or deed which leads the other to consent to what he would otherwise have not consented to

●   Article 186 – Deliberate silence concerning a fact or set of circumstances shall be deemed to be a misrepresentation if it is proved that the person misled would not have made the contract had they been aware of that fact or set of circumstances

●   Article 187 – If one of the contracting parties makes a misrepresentation to the other and it transpires the contract was concluded by a gross cheat, the person so misled may cancel the contract Under Article 129 “one of the necessary elements for the making of a contract are that (a) the two parties to the contract should agree upon the essential elements” – that is that the parties should consent. Under the law, misrepresentation falls under the heading “defects in consent” which means that it robs the contractual relationship of one of its essential elements. It follows under Article 210 that where a contract is “lacking in the elements of a contract …” it is deemed “void” and such contract “shall be of no effect and shall not be capable of being rectified by consent”. Thus misrepresentation is treated as a defect in consent rendering the contract void

●   Article 285 – If a person deceives another he shall be liable to make good the harm resulting from that deception [source]



  1. 10 October 2011 at 4:15 pm


    I am a big investor in Al Hamra Village in Ras Al Khaimah in the Marina I am feeling that its enough the way the developer is treating us, investors. PLEASE this is the time that all the investors of Al Hamra Village have to get together and stand up and speak up in order to get straight answers to the unlawful way the new management is treating their valuable investors after their own big defaults of long delays. They think we are all stupid and do not understand the articles in the so called SPA agreement. However, we cannot achieve efficient solution if we act alone, and it will take ages, taking consideration how their office and managers are ignoring their duties and responsibilities. This is our money we are talking about, we trusted this Emirate and the Developer.

    Hence, I am suggesting that whoever is as aggravated and fed up as myself to join forces and confront the entire senior management at their head office in Al Hamra village at one date together and to involve the MEDIA/TELEVISION in Europe and in the UAE if they don t give us our rights !!!!!

    To do so, kindly comment to this entry and send on top to me privately your details and how man appartements you have in Al Hamra Village to coordinate the date and time or lets say in general a plan how to go forward.

    I personally would like His Highness to know exactly how we, European investors are being simply ignored and most badly mistreated by COMPLETELY disqualified people like Benoy, Ranjan and the others who are working there now in the new management. Again, reply urgently to me on this post and contact me at confident.news@gmail.com to make a plan together and to secure our investments !!!!

    Best regards to all of you from


    • mahmood said,

      7 October 2013 at 4:36 pm

      Yes i totally agree, senior management & owner HRH SHOULD BE aware of how we are being ignored & poor srevice.
      Al Hamra investor.

  2. Fair Play for RB Buyers said,

    14 October 2011 at 1:07 am

    Hi hamrainvestor, I agree with what you say, do you have the contact details of HH Sheikh Quasimi?

    I’ve also sent you an email.

    • mahmood said,

      7 October 2013 at 4:38 pm

      No sorry i dont have his details.

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