Add your Voice to this Letter

Getting together and mobilising into group action is easier said than done. Often it is easier to sit on the side-lines and let yourself believe that others will take up the fight on your behalf.

Perhaps the time has come to jolt oneself out of the dazed trance and lift one’s head and shoulders in preparation for some proactive and affirmative action. Let us take the first step on this journey to creating alliances in high places and letting Al Hamra Estates realise that they can no longer walk roughshod over us whilst delivering poor service and charging us extortionate fees.

So lift up your hand, and click on this link to view the proposed letter to Al Hamra Estates.

Comments/suggestions/additions to the draft letter are welcome, as are suggestions on the logistics on how all owners and residents sign the letter before it is sent out.

As somebody said, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.”


Residents attend Homeowners meeting in large numbers

Despite the short notice and lack of proper communication, the recent Homeowners meeting  planned by Al Hamra Estates was attended by over 300 people. Al Hamra Estates were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questions, concerns, criticisms and suggestions from those present. This meant that no nominations were made and no voting took place.

It appears the plan now is to ask owners to submit nominations with a view to setting up a  new meeting for voting to take place. Let us hope that Al Hamra communicate professionally and in a timely manner to inform them of the names of the nominees, and of the details of the next meeting. If owners are lucky, they might just receive a report from the current meeting!