Time to Celebrate and Enjoy…?

At long last handover of units of in some of the Marina blocks is finally taking place. For example, one investor recently commented

“Got by email our handover letter and invoice last week for Marina Block C. Have transferred the balance to Al Hamra Real Estate and am now waiting for a formal receipt.” (EyeOnWorldwide Forum, 19/01//2009)

Another investors reports

“Just received invoice for handing over of our unit in building C. Seems that we are getting there at last! Have just asked for a inspection visit before we pay the balance.” (EyeOnWorldwide Forum, 10/01/2009)

In correspondence to an investor, John Mathew, manager for Corporate Strategy & Development at Al Hamra Estates said

“We are still in the process of handing over the Marina A,B & C. Once this process is complete we will start commissioning building D & E. The commissioning process normally takes around 2 month.”

It seems that some investors have alrady moved into their apartment, according to this comment

“I have moved into my apartment in C block there are only 2 residents. Where are the rest of you, it’s lonely!”

Investors report that work is now proceeding on the landscaping in front of the marina apartments, with the paving stones having been delivered. Reports suggest that the Clubhouse will open in March, although there is still plenty of work left to to do, and Al Hamra appears to be busy working on it, including the car parking around the clubhouse.

“The Mall is very nice but only 4 shops open, not the best time to open a shop in a world recession!”

Pictures courtesy of alhmara.dk, click to enlarge.